Soul Food Junkies


Northeastern University was the place to be the night of Nov. 16, as the campus’  African-American Institute played host to the screening of “Soul Food Junkies,” an independent documentary that explores the ramifications of being a soul food addict.

The film was written, directed and produced by Northeastern alum Byron Hurt, who said the film was inspired by the plight of his late father, Jackie Hurt.

“My father motivated me to make this film. My father dealt with obesity for a good portion of his life. He became ill in 2004 and I saw him struggle with the difficulty of changing his diet,” Hurt said. “As I saw him grapple with his own illness , I saw how complicated it was and I thought I wanted to make a film about soul food and the impact it has on communities of color, including families.”

In just shy of 65 minutes, “Soul Food Junkies” had audience members laughing, shedding tears and nodding their heads in agreement.

Hurt addressed how an affinity for deliciously detrimental foods has plagued the health of black community members with issues like hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and cancer and discussed what, if anything, could be done going forward.

Click here for full article.


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