Minority career women build and bond


Media and entertainment often portray females as being caustic and catty towards one another. But contrary to popular stereotypes, many women work tirelessly to create a collaborative, nurturing atmosphere for other females.

One of those women is Alisa Hunter, founder of Boston’s own Professional Women of Color Network. The group seeks to unite minority females and help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

“I wanted to decrease some of the isolation women of color may feel in their careers and give them a safe place to talk, share and express some of these concerns and issues while also getting support and feedback from [others like them],” Hunter said.

“The resources for [us] in particular aren’t that bountiful in the community. Providing women with a place to really explore their passions and how they can best live out their dreams has always been important,” she said.

The network’s growth is a testament to the fact that Hunter isn’t alone in these sentiments. Since its inception in April of 2012, the group has gained over 80 members.

Bonded by a commitment to professional excellence and a desire to cultivate long-lasting connections and collective growth amongst minority women, the network hosted a “Girls Night Out Holiday Affair” last Friday.

Twenty-five vendors catered to over 60 females of all ages and career paths as laughter, positivity and candid stories filled the Quincy Sons of Italy. Vendors shared their secrets to success and gave advice to budding business owners.

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