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Hip-hop stars spark energetic crowd


A$AP Rocky crowd surfs over an eager group of students.

You’d think students would be packed like sardines inside Schine with doors opening at 6:30 p.m., an hour and a half before co-headliners A$AP Rocky and ScHoolboy Q took the stage Friday night for the National Pan-Hellenic Council’s concert, but well after 8:15 p.m. most students just staggered in.

Diehard fans were easy to spot as they rushed in Goldstein Auditorium, eager to ensure their position right behind the security barricade. Others stood around while some sat looking unsure of what these rising rappers would bring.

A$AP Rocky, who was nominated for a BBC Sound award, performs his first few songs alongside ScHoolboy Q, who fueled on the crowd’s energy.

A$AP Rocky was already a favorite among many students. Tyler Hernton, a student studying political science, looked forward to seeing him because he’s “something that represents a new, different generation and brings that rawness.”

It wouldn’t be until after ScHoolboy Q stormed out onto the floor dressed in a Syracuse University sweatshirt and crisp Jordans that students began to fill the auditorium. He started off spitting lines from his first mixtape Setbacks, but it took his performance of “#BETiGOTSUMWEED” to get those sitting to stand at attention. It didn’t take long before ScHoolboy Q jumped into the crowd. The rise in temperature and rush in adrenaline was so electrifying that he nearly tripped and fell getting back on stage.

“I almost bust my ass on stage for y’all,” ScHoolboy said through a series of laughs, returning to his rhymes. “When I say high, y’all say power” was the call and response he bellowed out and as students waved their hands and shouted “power” the show was quickly back on. His last song, “Hands on The Wheel” featuring A$AP Rocky, had students screaming every word.

As soon as the 23-year-old dressed in a black hoodie, gold camouflage jacket and Jordans to match appeared the crowd went wild and erupted in excitement. ScHoolboy Q stayed on as a hype man for the first few minutes he performed and the two rapped side by side before A$AP took over.

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