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Shooting hoops for hope

Score 4 More Inc. lead organizers take a stand against breast cancer.

Score 4 More Inc. lead organizers take a stand against breast cancer.

Either the forecast was wrong or Mother Nature simply had her own plans. But instead of the gloomy fall day predicted for last Saturday, the sun managed to make its presence felt just in time for the start of Score 4 More Inc.’s Second Annual Charity Basketball Game and Health Expo.

In light of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, the event’s focus was to educate community members about the hard-hitting disease. The Centers for Disease Control reports that in 2008 — the most recent year numbers were available — black women had the second-highest rate of breast cancer diagnoses and were more likely to die of the disease than any other ethnic group.

Though breast cancer primarily affects women, the founders of Score 4 More — a group of five men — created the event because breast cancer hits close to home for many of them.

“I had an aunt who was diagnosed with breast cancer about 15 years ago,” said Marlon Benjamin, Score 4 More co-founder and director. “I was pretty naïve at the time of the effects of it, but it wasn’t too long after that [that] a friend of mine’s mother passed away from it.

“I saw what it did to him, making me realize how close to home it was for me. After that, a couple of other guys in the basketball community were affected too — whether it was their grandmothers, mothers or aunts — so last year we decided we needed to do something about this.”

Their answer: A celebratory and fun event where knowledge could be shared. The reaction: Seeing a group of men passionate about something that harms women was refreshing and rewarding.

“A lot of women get degraded now, so [it’s] a good thing for men to pay attention to women and treat them with love,” said Rene Castro, 18, of Dorchester.

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