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The DIY craze

The DIY culture is rising in popularity all across the nation. Meet Maria and Amanda, two emerging bloggers who have a firm grip on the best ways to do it yourself.

People, both young and old, are finding creative, innovative, and original ways to reconstruct old things into something new. DIY or the Do It Yourself culture isn’t a new concept or phenomenon, but one that’s had a sudden rebirth. So whether it’s finding a new purpose for the junk in your attic or turning someone else’s trash into treasure, DIY is definitely the new cool.

Maria Rodriguez and close friend Amanda Skoverson decided to partner up and create the blog “Crafting Across Time Zones” to showcase their DIY skills after studying abroad together. Maria is a beast when it comes to baking and nail art while Amanda is a jewelry making genius. Both knit, crochet, and do other crafts as well.

Here, Maria poses with an iPad case she made.

Here, Maria poses with an iPad case she made.

Asked to explain the hype surrounding DIY connoisseurs, Maria says, “People are just trying to be more sustainable by reusing and recycling. Instead of supporting big businesses you just take what you already have and then restructure it.” You also get extra-added pleasure of knowing you made something, which leaves a more lasting impression she tells me.

The great thing about the DIY culture is that there are no real rules or restrictions. All you need is passion, some free time, and the desire to spend less and save more – it doesn’t even matter what your vice is. You can literally make your own any and everything! Take it from Maria and Amanda; with each post they show users how to turn what they love and admire into something that exudes their own unique styles and flare. Remember, DIY doesn’t mean you have to buy anything new. You can simply use items you already have as long as you find a new purpose for it.

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