Vintage Trinkets

Vintage styles and costume jewelry have been making their way back onto the fashion scene without apology.

For the fashionista trying to switch up her swag or the girl struggling to make her look more trendy, brooches can be the quick and inexpensive answer she’s been looking for. They’re the ideal accessory for adding a splash of color, pattern, or spice to an otherwise ordinary outfit.

Javetta Clemmons, a Howard University grad, says, “They add individuality…and make your outfit yours.”

Angie Mejia, SU doctoral student and owner of 76 brooches, agrees that they bring life to dull looks but cautions wearers: “Don’t wear a lot of other jewelry or your outfit will look too busy.”

No one right way to wear them

Just ask Tiffany Bender, SU graduate television, radio, and film student who loves styling them in unique ways.

Fashionista Tiffany Bender with one of her many brooches.

Tiffany Bender with one of her many brooches.

“You can put one on the front of a blazer, use them instead of buttons, or as a little hip jewel on the side of one of your dresses,” Bender says. The options are endless!

Whether you want to cinch a dress or throw one on a pashmina, the look will totally be yours. Brooches succeed in bringing personality in your outfit. No matter the size, these little (or big) guys will give the stylish, timeless appeal you always wanted.

Look for the best brooch

Bonafide trendsetter Tamara James, a Virginia State University grad who majored in textile and apparel management says, “This is one that’s very sturdy and strong, not too heavy, and can be worn with any type of garment and look different.”

There’s just one final rule you can’t forget when rocking brooches: “You have to be confident in wearing them. Be comfortable and know you’re fly,” Javetta says.

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