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Breaking into the art industry is no easy task, and historically the Hub hasn’t been the most welcoming place to facilitate that transition. That’s why RAW Boston takes pride in having a springboard through which local talent can be shared with the masses. Since its 2011 inception in Boston, RAW has been a raucous ride for all involved.

Because of RAW, 21-year-old visual artist Wendy Darling of Brockton, by way of Haiti, has been able to actualize her gift and love for art as never before.

“What’s great about RAW is that it’s leading the revolution in the sense that there’s something happening with creative people standing up and stepping out and doing exactly what they are called to do, ” Darling says.

“It’s very amazing to actually be a part of a community that’s pushing me to be known as an artist. We have the opportunity to create a space within a space. I hope people can appreciate the work that we’ve all done.”

Painting by Wendy Darling

Painting by Wendy Darling

Darling discovered her knack for art after spending endless amounts of time creating a vastly intricate science project in third grade, when most of her classmates created the solar system out of Styrofoam. Today RAW has helped her cultivate a unique learning experience and hone her skills.

RAW, a national arts organization for emerging artists in the first 10 years of their careers, has chapters in over 15 cities around the country, and in Quebec, Montreal, London and several cities in Australia.

Comprised of “natural-born artists for artists, by artists,” RAW Boston is on a mission to equip artists with the necessary “tools, resources and exposure needed to inspire and cultivate creativity,” according to its website.

On Sunday, Oct. 27, you can join this diverse community of international, imaginative individuals for a unique experience at Rumor Boston — RAW Boston will wrap up yet another successful season of showcases with a mixture of arts, fashion and music, the November RAWards.

Every fourth Sunday of the month, local artists in the fields of visual art, fashion, performing art, music, hair and makeup artistry, film and photography, as well as local models, are spotlighted.

“On average each event draws around 400-500 people,” says RAW Boston director Faith Verrill. The turnout for Sunday should be no different.

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