I’m working on giving less of my time to distractions.

Society has it systematically set up where so many things are vying for our attention that we often neglect the things we should be focusing on most. So, instead of complaining I’m taking my time, energy, attention, focus and interests back.

No longer will things of lesser importance consume me to the point where the people and things I care most about are no longer top priorities.

It’s all about intentionality — be intentional and get the results you’re after.

So what exactly will this look like, you may be wondering?

Well, for starters I’ve deleted my Instagram and Facebook apps from my iPhone. I’m aiming to only go on Facebook (from the web while at work) to make article posts on my Shanice Maxwell page and when I’m inclined to check emails or my phone to buy time or aimlessly amuse myself because I’m bored, I will instead pick up a book, read a pdf in my iBooks, write in my journal, watch a TED talk and/or do something, ANYTHING, that will yield results I’m proud know, the kind that are productive.

Challenges? Whew, limiting my Twitter use will definitely be difficult because that’s where I get my news, stay current on what’s going on globally and share articles with my growing number of followers and clients. Checking my messages and responding to emails in a (slightly obsessive) timely fashion (because hey, I try to treat others how I’d like to be treated) will have to be reduced significantly. Still, I’m confident these things can be minimalized in a way where my brand and reputation as a writer, editor and digital content strategist (and timely responder) aren’t adversely affected.

I charge you to join me in this challenge.

Set your mind to it and you can also do it! You can do ANYTHING that way.

And to help you out, I’ll be updating this Musings section with things I’m reading, watching and finding that are helping me keep the ignorance away.

Please comment and share with me what you’re doing to claim your attention back; don’t forget to use the #ShaniceMindOverMatter hashtag.

And don’t be overwhelmed — this is all a simple case of ‪#‎ShaniceMindOverMatter and I know you will do well!


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