Brazil Bound

In May 2014 I will be traveling to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil not to enjoy the World Cup Series, but to tell others about God and to complete ministry projects. I am beyond excited!!! Everything about the Journey experience captivates my interest.

Journey is a leadership development program for adult youth ministry leaders that will bring us overseas on a mission trip. Journey is sponsored by the Baptist Convention of New England and consists of an application process, multiple prep meetings and assignments over a seven-month period. Our team is comprised of 10 people representing nine congregations across New England and two team leaders.


Until then our group will gather for team development and preparation for our trip. During these gatherings we will focus on our own spiritual development, share in times
of service together, learn about other cultures, study biblical examples of leadership
and cultivate our own personal leadership style. We will also read three books,
obtain a mentor and be engaged in youth ministry at our individual churches. We
will even have the chance to worship with a Brazilian congregation and learn
about Brazilian culture from natives.

I will be updating this section with musings, information and spiritual revelations as we prepare to depart for Brazil and details of the trip once I have returned. I would like to invite you to take this Journey with me — there’s so much God is sharing and will reveal that will be a blessing for us all. In the meantime, if you know the power of prayer please lift our Journey team up:

Rosie Bishara

Tony Fields

Tamika Goldson

David Holland

Chelsea Martell

DJ Mobley

Heather Price

Leo de Souza

Ana Souza (Team Leader)

Allyson Clark (Team Director)

We greatly appreciate it. Stay tuned!

Because of your help I have EXCEEDED my fundraising goal for our ministry and mission projects in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!!! Thank you for your assistance in making this happen. Contributions will continue to be accepted until our departure date of May 15, 2014:

Thank you in advance for your continued support, prayers and contributions. God bless!


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