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Spa@Ink, the in-store spa and salon at the Ink Block's Whole Foods Market.

Whole Foods’ first in-store spa and salon is rebranding in-house this season.


In the bustling South End of Boston a new urban development, dubbed the Ink Block, is on the rise. Within its array of residences and businesses lies a Whole Foods Market with a twist — a popular in-store spa and salon. Spa@Ink is the perfect place to find “a luxurious, relaxing environment in an urban location that’s focused on wellness and the cleanest products possible,” according to Marisa Tom, milk + honey Marketing Manager.

“[The spa salon] can be a part of that daily routine and extension of your grocery shopping experience. Just think of it as you need your orange juice, you need your greens, you need to stock up on what’s for dinner and hey, why don’t you also get a manicure too today,” said Tom.

The Whole Foods’ spa and salon is set apart from its competitors for good reason. Tom credits the following elements for why it’s so unique and worth visiting:

  • All products are premium organic
  • Caring customer service creates memorable experience
  • Full nail treatment, manicures and pedicures, polish changes, waxing services, chair massages, a selection of clean beauty peels and facials are all offered
  • Men can also take part: shoe shine, barbering and hot shave services are offered only in the Boston store location
  • Get the best of both worlds – shop the Whole Foods at Ink Block and indulge in a relaxing spa treatment; it’s a win-win
  • It’s easy to get to, whether by car, train, foot, or bike and parking in the lot or on the street is ample

milk + honey, previous partners with Whole Foods, is out as the store rebrands and takes things in-house. However, milk + honey will be one of four product brands available for purchase and use at the spa salon alongside CosMedix, Spa Ritual and John Master.


Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 10.42.16 AM

Boston’s Whole Food Market in the South End attracts new customers with their spa and salon which uses premium organic products.


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