Meet Shanice

Meet Shanice!

Shanice Maxwell will be a vendor at the Minority Business Expo in Boston, MA on THIS Saturday, March 25th to share her writing, editorial, and digital content strategy expertise with the Greater Boston community.

RSVP now, stop by the table and take a photo using the hashtag #MeetShanice, and receive a special treat for your support! Can’t wait to meet you!



One thought on “Meet Shanice!

  1. Hi Shanice. I am not on Linked In or Google + (and certainly not twitter! ha).

    But I wanted to send an email about an article you wrote for Whole Foods magazine.

    In particular, I was charmed by the story about the young girl who likes to cook. And I was given a notion while reading that, “I need to send this girl a copy of “The Flavor Bible””

    It is a sort of cooking book, but instead of recipes it indexes all foods and what flavors pair well with what. (I have it and use it all the time – because you can see what you have on hand and what goes with what).

    I just thought that if I sent this to you, is there some way you could pass it along to her. you can contact me at

    Hope you see this.



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